caption contest, ice skating accident

Since the Winter Olympics are going on now, I figured this would be the ideal time to have an Olympic-themed caption contest.   Ironically, just today was the couples ice skating finals, which goes along with the picture I have for this these.  This photo is a collage of two pictures, and it features some special move that didn’t turn out right, unless the WWE / WWF is combined with ice skating.  I don’t know any more context, but that’s okay — you get to fill in the missing details.  Write a caption explaining what’s going on, from whatever point-of-view you’d like (e.g., the skaters, their coach, the judges, announcers, analysts, crowd, etc.).

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10 thoughts on “caption contest, ice skating accident

  1. Fab

    Girl: You need to wash yo butt! There’s some mustiness involved in that! When was the last time you changed yo drawz!?

    Guy: Oh, come on! It can’t be that bad!

    Girl (as she drops him): It’s that bad! (Bonk!)

  2. Iced Skater

    I did this back in college. We called it Pro-Wrestle’n Ice Kapades and we frequently had Battle of the Sexes events.

    It seems this loser got the smack down on a babe half his size.

  3. Thomas Wayne

    Woman: “Well, I figure we’ve already lost since he fell down earlier in our routine, so might as well get some payback!”

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