caption contest, Chuck Norris

It’s Monday, and some of you are probably anxiously awaiting the next caption contest.  (If you’re not, you should be, because this is awesome!)  🙂  Anyway, regardless of your expectations, here it is.

This week I’m using an animated picture, featuring Chuck Norris and some woman in a car.  I don’t know exactly what the context is for this scene, but that’s part of the fun in writing captions — you get to decide.  You can write dialog for Chuck Norris, the woman, or provide narration.  However you do it, have fun.


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10 thoughts on “caption contest, Chuck Norris

  1. Thomas Wayne

    Normally you shouldn’t hit a lady, but by her reaching for the steering wheel, she was putting the lives of untold dozens of people at risk! Something had to be done, before it was too late!

  2. Thomas Wayne

    It may appear that Chuck Norris was being too harsh with the woman, but he was holding back — he refrained from using his trademark roundhouse kick (which would’ve been cool to see him use while driving). And besides, he barely hit her — she didn’t go flying out of the car.

  3. Bag O' Donuts

    I agree with Thomas Wayne. He didn’t even hit her at all actually. He stopped well before her face. The speed in which his backhand moved burned all oxygen from the surrounding area, causing the woman to simply pass out.

  4. Thomas Wayne

    (Good call, Bag O’ Donuts — that’s awesome!)

    If not for the vaporized oxygen, she also could’ve passed out once Chuck raised his fist. She probably saw her life flash before her eyes, because a full punch from Chuck would’ve been the end of her.

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