unusual video of Wario Land

You should watch this video of Wario Land: Shake It, a new game for the Nintendo Wii.  This looks like it would be a fun and interesting game, but even if you don’t like games, you’ll be surprised by this video.  The whole YouTube site can’t even handle its awesomeness.  (Watch it and you’ll understand what I mean by that.)

Wario Land: Shake It

If you aren’t familiar with Wario, he’s not your typical video game hero.  Actually, he’s more of a bad guy, and the only good he does is so he can get more riches (coins).  As seen toward the end of the video, he gets out of breath from running, and as you can see in other videos / games of him, he sometimes gets some explosive gas.

2 thoughts on “unusual video of Wario Land

  1. Thomas Wayne

    You must have a faulty PC then… when I watched it, it broke the YouTube page, but my computer is very stable. It never cra^*z~%

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