extending my truck’s factory warranty

I got a card in the mail recently which caught my attention.   I get plenty of junk mail and spam-type offers, and this fits in with that, but it was unusual, partly because of my particular circumstances.  The front of the card said:

Factory Warranty Expiration

This card came from a company called “Dealers Warranty”, which sounds like a very generic name.

The back of the card said, “This is to inform you that this is your FINAL NOTICE to extend the warranty coverage on your vehicle.”

How considerate of them!  I thought about calling them to let them know that my truck is 22 years old, and the factory warranty expired a long, LONG time ago.  But they wanted my exact mileage and VIN#, which I decided I’d rather not share with what appears to be a shady organization.  Do they just send these things out to everybody?  How’d they get my name?  I’ve never even bought a new vehicle!  This definitely sounds like a scam…

I even had a “Customer ID” on the card, which seems quite odd…

One thought on “extending my truck’s factory warranty

  1. larry

    i had a 1993 ford ranger. i had it for about 11 years. it had over one hundred thousand miles on it .i had people calling me about extending my warranty. is there a life time warranty on truck? don’t call me i’ll call you. of course not.

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