add your own captions, Bush and an alien

It’s time for another caption contest!  Like normal, there’s no prizes, but you get to laugh at the randomness people can come up with.  The only thing resembling a prize is that you get to make other people laugh, which is really worth a lot (in life, just not in money).  Anyway, I’m rambling, so let’s get to the picture.  Leave your analysis / commentary / captions in the comments.

alien with President Bush

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15 thoughts on “add your own captions, Bush and an alien

  1. Holiday Inn Express

    So the Probe Accord is finalized. We can abduct as many rednecks as we want. And in return, you get Elvis back.

  2. Bag O' Donuts

    The world held it’s collective breath today as the leader of an unknown alien race and President Bush menacingly stared each other down. Moments later, Bush stabbed the alien with his Bic pen, ending any and all threats to global security. So buy Bic pens, they may just save your world. This message brought to you by Bic pens.

  3. Thomas Wayne

    alien: I’m not from around here, y’know…
    Bush: uhh…
    alien: uh-huh
    Bush: uhh…
    alien: hmm…
    Bush: uhh…
    alien: What?
    Bush: WHAT?!?
    alien: uhh…
    Bush: AWW-RIGHT!

  4. Beldar From France

    Alien: ” Mr Bush President ! You didn’t just SNEAK A PEAK?!”
    Bush: ” Protocol says that you come to a summit without clothes then your dingle dangle falls into the visualary proprietorized rights of all ‘Mericans”

  5. Thomas Wayne

    Alien: I’m what?!? Nekkid? What is this nekkid you’re talking about? Do you mean how I look? Oh, were you saying naked? You don’t understand — this is normal. Your human body is deformed. What is that mop on your head? And what is this fabric all over you, some type of exo-shield?

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