increasing the continued success

I’m still excited about the increase in traffic last month.  It has been going up each month for five consecutive months.  I predict it will continue to increase, too, because we’re about to add some new features.  And of what we currently do, there are plans to make it even better.  If you like our humor, we’re going to get funnier.  If you like the stupidity, well, we’ve only scratched the surface of what we’re capable of!  If you enjoy the randomness, know there’s more where that came from.  Yep, things are going to get bigger and better here, you’ll see.

Some of you may be wondering how we can provide all this for free, when some of the other free blogs copy and paste their humor or they write only 3 to 5 posts per month.  It’s because I enjoy trying to be funny and I think people should laugh more.  However, that doesn’t pay the bills, so I’m forced to work other jobs.  If only I could write on this blog (and my other one) full-time, that would be awesome.  Then there would be more high-quality content here than you could shake a stick at.  If you’d like to see this happen, send me some money.  Use the “contact us” link in the sidebar to request the address where you can send me a big pile of U.S. currency.  Then it’s like I’d be working for you.  I’m okay with that, if you pay enough.  🙂  There’s also some benefits we’d have to work out, which has already been discussed on the blog here (like free sweet tea and nachos, plenty of breaks, etc.).  And not only would you get to enjoy more original content, you’d be contributing to my mission of making the world a better place.  It’s a win-win situation!

One thought on “increasing the continued success

  1. Daily-Commuter

    how can you be excited about traffic? I ‘hate’ traffic… it makes me late when I try going places… everybody’s always driving all crazy! I never realized how many women drive! 🙂 excited about traffic… psshhh!

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