a new idea for fireworks

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, and as you probably know, this means .  They’re one of the greatest inventions — think about it, you buy these little packages that explode with various colors, patterns, and sounds.  They’re great!

Yesterday some of the Buffet o’ Blog staff were discussing how we’d like to celebrate with fireworks this year, and since the big fireworks extravaganza is done by all kinds of people, we had a different idea.  We want to buy an entire fireworks stand.  Then we’d take the long strings of Black Cat firecrackers and run them along the floor and tables.  Then from a safe distance, we’d light it, and set off everything in the whole fireworks stand at once.  You’d have groups of Roman candles firing at the same time, bottle rockets going everywhere, and there would be stacks of the big, fancy fireworks going off simultaneously.  It would be a smorgasbord of colors, patterns, and sounds, all manifested in multiple explosions.  It would be so cool!

Unfortunately, this isn’t in the budget for this year, so we’ll have to use our imagination.  But perhaps some year we can pull this off and post a video of it.

4 thoughts on “a new idea for fireworks

  1. Mango-Man

    Since we dont have the money lets submit this idea to mythbusters… they are always blowing stuff up 🙂

  2. Buffet o' Blog Administrator

    Our article clearly stated that we wanted to buy the stand first.

    Thanks for the link. That’s interesting. It’s too bad that some people were injured, though.

    I also wish it had been caught on film. The one picture with the fire on the site doesn’t look very colorful. I bet there were some interesting scenes while it was burning, especially when it was first getting started.

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