Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream ice cream

AmeriCone DreamYesterday I tried Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, designed by the one and only Stephen Colbert.  It’s some good stuff!  It’s vanilla ice cream, with pieces of waffle cone covered with fudge, and with swirls of caramel.  I found it at Walmart, and had to try it, so I could review it for my readers.  (Yeah, I make sacrifices like this all the time for you.  If you only knew…)  My official review : it’s good, and you should try it.

I think there should be a Buffet o’ Blog ice cream flavor.  It would start with sweet cream ice cream, with crumbled up Oreos (cookies ‘n cream) and graham cracker crumbs.  That’s what I get at Cold Stone Creamery, and it’s scrumptious.  If I could buy that at the grocery store, I’d get it all the time.  And if it had our name on it, we’d become even more famous, because word would get out and we’d be famous for designing the best ice cream mixture ever.  (Hey, Ben & Jerry, have your people contact my people, and let’s make this happen.)

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