a bug in the Spiderman 2 game

Recently I played Spiderman 2 on the Gamecube and the PS2, and it’s a neat game.  There’s a lot of special moves you can learn, and plus just playing as Spiderman is cool.  You can swing from building to building, you can climb buildings, there’s side-missions, you can fight random criminal/thugs around the city.  And there’s some girl who loses her balloon every so often, who whines like crazy, and you can go pop the balloon, er, I mean, save it, to make her happy.  (She whines way too much!)  The game follows the story of the movie, except you get to play the role of Spiderman.  Overall, it’s a fun game, although sometimes repetitive.

But I noticed something really weird about the game : pedestrians have ninja-like skills!  You can’t hit them!  They can dodge your punches with lightning-fast reflexes.  It’s inconceivable!  This is Spiderman we’re talking about, who is a world-renown superhero, and who is crazy-fast.

Now, I know, Spiderman wouldn’t want to hit innocent civilians, so perhaps it’s a moot point.  But it made me think about something : it would be really bad if the pedestrians ever started committing crimes!  I mean, even the great Spiderman wouldn’t be able to stop them.  He can’t hit them, and somehow they aren’t affected by his webs.  I sure hope they don’t ever realize this and turn to a life of crime!  Then Spiderman would be powerless and the city would fall apart.

Obviously this is a major bug in the game.  I hope they fix this in Spiderman 3…

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