Breaking news on NAPS!!!

I just came across a recent ‘six-year’ study of the effects of napping. why wasn’t I included in this ‘test’ group? napping is what I do best! napBut it wasn’t the fact that a 6-year-sleep-study was done that I found intriguing. According to the study it seems that “a little midday snooze seems to reduce risks for fatal heart problems, especially among men.”

What? Stop the presses!!! Hold the phone! Does this mean Doctors are now advocating I take a daily nap at work?  The study found that “Those who napped at least three times weekly for about half an hour had a 37 percent lower risk of dying from heart attacks or other heart problems than those who did not nap.” So YES… it looks as if I need to add nap-time to my daily agenda… Okay… let me rephrase… it looks as if I need to add a nap-time to my daily agenda that does not require sneaking off to some unused meeting room and locking the door.

Having corporate approval for a nap at my desk would definitely be much less embarrassing that trying to snag the milking rooms… err…lactation rooms that my employer so kindly offers to women with young children. They have it made… a door that locks! a couch to nap on! a fridge to hold snacks! okay… ‘maybe’ the fridge isn’t for snacks, but it doesn’t make me any less jealous… Anyway, back to the topic at hand…

Take a nap!!! do it for your heart! 🙂 There is even one company that sells sleeping pods to businesses.  I want one for my cube! In the study one doc was quoted as saying “Having a siesta reduces your probability of dying by about one third”, “If you have a sofa in your office, go right ahead and take a snooze.”  That’s good enough for me! 

According to a Cornell University study, “sleep-deprived workers cost U.S. industry $150 billion a year in reduced job productivity and fatigue-related accidents”  so it’s GOOD FOR BUSINESS!  The study also included women and says “It is likely that women reap similar benefits from napping, but not enough of them died during the study to be sure”. ironic… sounds a bit like they were sad that more didn’t die? hmm… moving on…

The study also states “some offices allow on-the-job naps, and many workers say it makes them more, not less, productive.” Yep… proof positive! if you want to get more work done… take more naps!

Lastly I want to focus on my new hero… it’s a it’s a guy by the name of Mark Ekenbarger. I think I want his job! “Yarde Metals, a metals distributing firm, built a nap room at its Southington, Connecticut, headquarters as part of an employee wellness program. With two leather sofas, fluffy pillows, soft lighting and an alarm clock, it is the perfect place for a quick snooze, engineer Mark Ekenbarger said. “He then went on to say that he “frequently takes half-hour naps on the advice of his doctor to reduce stress.” and “It really does energize me for the rest of the day”.

I bet it does! If I could take ‘frequent’ half-hour naps at my job everyday i’d feel pretty energized too. Lets Give it up for Mark… MY HERO!!! I say we start a petition to institute a national ‘Mark Ekenbarger Holiday’. It’s a day where you still go to work, but all you do is sleep. 

Harvard-trained research scientist Sara Mednick, author of the book “Take a Nap! Change your life.” told CTV News recently that sleep deprivation can lead to a whole host of health problems such as increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, decreased libido and obesity. Obesity!?!

So not only is not taking naps making me less productive, and at a higher risk for heart attack… but it’s making me fat too!!! Maybe I need to link this to the bacon grease diet?  So there you have it… take more naps! Doctors Advice!

8 thoughts on “Breaking news on NAPS!!!

  1. Thomas Wayne

    I noticed something in this article : “Having a siesta reduces your probability of dying by about one third.” So does that mean there’s a 33% better chance of me not dying? Because I thought the probability of death was 100%. But if taking naps means I can live forever, then I’m not missing out on time but actually creating more time for myself. Works for me… 🙂

  2. Sigmund Fraud

    The answer lies in your subconscious where your ego has been captured by your id. Leggo my ego! Which reminds me, my recent studies have indicated that eating at least a small breakfast gives me gas.

  3. Mango-Man

    “sleep-deprived workers cost U.S. industry $150 billion a year in reduced job productivity and fatigue-related accidents”

    so there it is… i’m NOT slacking i’m saving my company money!!!

  4. Your Friendly HR Dept

    Your Friendly HR Dept would respone with a snappy “Get Back To Work,” but we are busy taking our nap. You’ll hear from us in 30….no make that 1 hr….wait no it’ll probably be a couple of hours. I had a late night last night.

  5. Your Friendly HR Dept

    I was just told of a fortune 500 company in Beaumont and Houston where naps are encouraged. The HR staff apparently take naps everyday. Others come into the HR office and take naps. I need to get on with one of these companies.

  6. Mango-Man

    Hr-Dept guy…
    what you said is true… signing on with one of those companies sounds ideal… except for the fact that you’ll still be in Beaumont 🙂

  7. Thomas Wayne

    When I start my own company, I’m gonna let my employees take naps during a certain time. And of course I’d have to set the example.

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