Alcohol May Lower Heart Attack Risk

I was clearing out my inbox a day or two ago and came across an e-mail from a ‘health’ newsletter I am subscribed to.  It had the title above for the subject line so naturally it caught my eye and peaked my interest.  Not because I drink (because I don’t… & frankly I don’t care for most of the activities that is associated with drinking) but I am interested in staying ‘in the know’.So I read there article and they make the claim that “Moderate Drinking May Lower Risk for Men With High Blood Pressure”.  That’s all well and good… but what REALLY caught my eye was who the test group seems to be.  READ this excerpt and draw your own conclusion.

 The finding comes from a long-term study of nearly 12,000 male doctors,  dentists, and pharmacists with high blood pressure. 

And further in the study this observation: 

 Men who drank moderately … had a lower risk of heart attack …

I’m not sure if this concerns you or not… but apparently this study’s test group was composed entirely of “doctors, dentists, and pharmacists” drinking ‘moderately’ every day (in the name of research no less)… just to be clear ‘moderately was defined as just 1 or 2 glassess a day… but still  I’m not sure how comfortable I am with the knowledge that the surgeon working on me may well have just been drinking (once again… for RESEARCH) … no thank you! I’d rather not go under the knife with you Dr. Death!  Nor am I too thrilled that my pharmacist may be inebriated while choosing which pill and or tablet to give me. Or that my dentist might just get a little to ‘drill happy’.  Does anyone else find this a bit disconcerting?  You can read the full article here.


8 thoughts on “Alcohol May Lower Heart Attack Risk

  1. Onyxinferno

    Although the idea you propose is quite concerning, it is not necessarily the case that, just because a doctor, dentist or pharmacist may drink one or two drinks a day, they will be inebriated while at work and although it makes for good reading, good discussion and good debates, it is ludicrous to assume that this is in fact the case. I’m sure the medical industry has its share of substance abusers but I don’t think it is a fair assumption to label those who drink moderately (one to two drinks per day) as abusers and unable to perform their job functions. Just my two cents on the topic.

  2. Beppo

    First, let’s remember that this site is intended for humor purposes, so take the ramblings in the post above with a grain of salt (or cheese & bacon, mmm!).

    My preference is that doctors and dentists and pharmacists not be under the influence of any alcohol, no matter how small the amount. I know they still have a right to drink, but when your job affects other peoples’ lives in such a big way and the importance of your clarity of thought is so critical, they should not drink before they go in (and of course not while on the job). Just my two cents…

    One or two drinks may not make a person “drunk”, but their judgment may still be impaired to some small degree. It may not be noticeable to the casual observer, but in their fields, it could make a difference which impacts someone’s life.

  3. Onyxinferno

    Just to clarify, I do find the the humor on this site refreshing. I check in multpile times a day to see if anything new has been posted so that I may indulge in a quick, or at times not so quick, laugh. Also, I too don’t believe they should be under the influence of any alcohol when on the job. I was suggesting a scenario more long the lines of having a drink or two when they get home from work, or if they go out somewhere after work. Sorry for any confusion.

  4. Beppo

    No harm done… I’m glad we got that all cleared up.

    I agree with you. They have the right to drink when they get home, as long as it doesn’t affect their work the next day or if they’re on-call. Personally I don’t drink any alcohol, but they have the right to do with their life whatever they want. Although we will all answer to God someday for our choices.

  5. Mango-Man

    Yeah, I found it ironic that the ‘test group’ looks to be of health professionals… I can almost imagine (jokingly of course) how they recruited these ‘test’ individuals…

    step 1: find Doctor with high blood pressure
    step 2: ask if he’d like to get free booze for the next 15 years
    (they did say it was a ‘long term’ study.) 🙂

  6. Beppo


    By the way, we’re glad to have you as a regular reader. It’s refreshing to know some people actually enjoy it enough to come back. A number of new people find the site each day, but it seems like most never come back.

    We’ve got a lot of fun things planned for this blog in the near future… including a new free-for-all story that will start soon.

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