As happens at this time each year we see a marked increase in health related problems.  Sinus problems, flu, and the common cold are… well… common.  As the winter season comes upon us I feel it is my responsibility to notify everyone of a new threat on the horizon of which you may be unaware.  It is known to the experts as  SnoHaenjel syndrome.  This is a serious condition resulting in sudden involuntary muscle movements linked closely to disorder of the nervous system and caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain triggered by bouts of extreme cold. 

There has been a recent rash of first hand encounters in which  onlookers witness an ‘episode’ of SnoHaenjel taking place yet sadly do nothing to assist the victim with some even smiling or laughing at the unfortunate soul.   Seeming to prefer instead to watch them flounder helplessly around on the freezing snow covered ground or in a snow bank. 

Please pass along this warning to everyone you know about Snohaenjel syndrome.  Known by it’s ‘street name’ as Snow Angel.  If you are ever unfortunate enough to witness such an event please offer assistance rather than just pointing and mockingly shouting ‘snow angel’ as is the response of many. It is not yet known what causes ‘Snow Angel’ syndrome.  As one victim puts it “I’m not sure what happened… one minute I was shoveling snow from my driveway… and the next minute I was floundering on my back in the snow, my arms and legs involuntarily waving”

Attached is a  rare picture of an ‘episode’ in progress… due to the disturbing nature of this picture viewer discretion is advised.


  1. Smart Person

    I believe what we are witnessing here is a classic case of extreme studliness in which the subject was overcome by all of the extreme manliness within him that he had a momentary break down. Obviously, by the look of this subject, he is extremely cool and quite studly.

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