Net Disaster

I found an interesting site called Net Disaster, where you can enter a website’s URL and choose what kind of destruction you want to happen to the page.  It’s all virtual, so no actual harm is done.  But it sure is fun.  You can have it attacked by dinosaurs, wasps, mold (which really makes the page look gross), meteors, flood (with fish), flowers, nukes, alien spaceships, chain saw, a text sucker (which actually does pull the words off), a scribbling baby, fried eggs, spilled coffee, thrown tomatoes, a demonstration by picketers (with appropriate signs), vomit (which is of course gross, but yet shockingly funny — just watch), acid pee (this one is definitely random!), dog poop (they put some detail into this one; let it run for a while), and of course cow patties.  There are even a few more options, but you can find them for yourself.

Some of the disasters you can initiate with your mouse (by choosing “mouse” from the drop-down box), but they didn’t all work right on this site.  It defaults to “self-repair”, but you can change it to “massive” to make the destruction accumulate (for each effect only, though).  And some of the disasters have more options, which you can read about on the website by clicking “Learn more…”.  For example, you can tell the cow where to go, you can change the color of the graffiti spray-can, you can choose to swat the flies yourself, etc.  Sometimes you can click “alt” and make it work on a page where it wasn’t working right.

Feel free to use the Buffet o’ Blog site in your fun “experiments” with this.  (It helps run up our page hits count.)  🙂

One thought on “Net Disaster

  1. Kri'

    That is pretty stinkin’ fun! I wouldn’t think that something like that would be interesting, but it actually is! Especially if you’ve had a bad day at work and you log into your company’s website and start nuking it…

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