a great movie idea

How many places can you hear two evil mad scientists arguing with each other about how to destroy the world?  Usually there’s just one criminal super-mastermind, but here we have two.  I think this should be made into a movie!  Think about the possibilities…  Of course you’d have the obligatory good guy trying to save the world, but in a clever twist of plot, you’d have two evil geniuses trying to destroy both the world and each other!  I think it’s time for a movie produced by Buffet o’ Blog.

You can read their first verbal assault toward each other here.  Initially they are defusing a PETP representative, then they go after each other.

4 thoughts on “a great movie idea

  1. Mr. Destructo

    I think an epic movie would be a good way to introduce my plan of world domination to everyone. Consider this angle — the movie premieres worldwide the same night, there’s much hype so everyone goes to see it, and then the destruction in the movie really happens! Talk about realistic!

    Then at the end, the “Important Evil Genius E.D” is defeated, forced to admit my superiority, and then that’s what happens in real life, too! This will be revolutionary! It could be prophetic, historical, and entertainment all at the same time. I like this addition to my plan. And consider this : people will pay to watch their own destruction… MUWAHAHAHA!!!

  2. Important Evil Genius E.D

    Mr. Destructo… I hate to be the bearer of bad news… but at best your part in such a movie would at best ONLY be a ‘cameo’. At the heart of the movie would be me… obviously (played by a ‘great’ actor such as Marlon Brando) The Crux of the movie would be that of the people as they slowly fell to my dominion. As I mentioned before your cameo appearances would be for ‘comic relief’ … I envision a faltering indeterminate Mr. Destructo feverishly (and futilely) attempting to instigate his own woefully inadequate plan, & finally in a last desperate resort teams up with Chester the Cheese-eater & attempts to release pickle-zombies on the masses. Such light-hearted humor will be needed to offset the carnage and devastation caused by such a master plan as mine… I must admit though… I enjoyed the thought of people “paying to watch their own destruction”. I also enjoyed the ‘sincerity’ you seem to have thinking that a plan devised by someone such as yourself (might I add… with NO doctorate) would actually succeed.  NOVICE!!!  MWA-HAHAHAHAHA

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