stolen oven doors

Lately some thieves have been stealing oven doors from people's houses. Not even the whole oven, just the door. Now police have figured out why. The thieves are packaging them with a power cord and remote control, and are selling them as flat-screen TVs. And people have been buying them! I couldn't even make this up…

Here's the news article.

One thought on “stolen oven doors

  1. Mango-Man

    I can’t believe poeple would be gullible enough to fall for something like that… if it was me I’d have asked to see it work before I bought it.
    for example… I had a salesman come to my door yesterday selling flatscreens. Of course I requested to see it work (i’m no dummy). So he brought in the demo off the truck and I checked it out. It worked perfectly. After I was satisfied it was ‘legit’ he loaded up the demo & brought in a ‘brand-new’ still boxed kitchen-aid flat-screen frpm the truck.

    ‘He’ was such a sucker… here he was asking $850 for a new ‘flat-screen’ and I was able to talk him down to $425 which he agreed to on the condition that I give him the door to my oven in the deal. granted I thought that was a bit odd… but in exchange for a brandnew tv? you BET.

    I’m even considering calling back & upgrading to a bigger size… he told me that for a another $375 and another oven door it’d be no problem. besides It looks like i’m gonna need help setting it up. I havne’t even figured out how to get it to come on yet… & I’m wanting to ask him about the bits of food stuck on the back.

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