real-life Transformer prototype

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have your own Transformer?  That is, a car that turns into a robot.  The possibilities are, as they say, endless.

We’re still years away from such technology, but at least there are people working on it.  The video below shows a toy-sized prototype transforming car/robot built by Kenji Ishida and JS Robotics.  (Turn the volume down because it’s louder than it should be.)

If we ever get this technology to be life-sized and usable, one obvious benefit would be the need for less parking spaces.  Your car could become a robot and go inside with you, to bring you snacks at work and do chores at home.  (We’re gonna have to be really careful with how much artificial intelligence (AI) we give it, based on movies.)

Oh, and I definitely want mine to have that classic transforming sound from the original (G1) Transformer cartoons in the ’80s!  If it has to be played through speakers, that’s fine.  It just sounds awesome.  Here’s an example.

devastating explosions

Some friends recently told me about a website caused Devastating Explosions, at the touch of a button.  I have to say, this is one of the coolest websites I’ve ever seen.  All it is is explosions that you detonate, but what more do you need?  I recommend you make your web browser full-screen for this page.

The website is courtesy of Old Spice.  I’m not really sure what deodorant has to do with explosions, but it’s cool nonetheless.  (Yeah, I realize it’s a marketing ploy to get them recognition, and it’s a good one.)

Anyway, back to the explosions… One of them has two tanker trucks blowing up in an intersection, which seems odd.  But then an old car drives through the explosion area like nothing happened.  Another scene has a huge explosion and there’s somebody walking along casually.  I’m thinking if there’s a massive explosion that close to you and you aren’t either admiring it or running away, then you had something to do with it and are trying too hard to look innocent.

There needs to be more websites like this… and they should be made into TV commercials.

We need to figure out how to get paid for making video clips of explosions!  Surely there are many amateur / indie movie-makers who would like to add more explosions to their films (who wouldn’t?), but they don’t have the budget for it.  Plus it would be awesome to try to build the most complete library of explosions ever!  How many unique explosions could we think up?  I don’t know, but I’ve got quite a few ideas already…

funny Christmas videos by Straight No Chaser

I just realized there are no videos here of Straight No Chaser.  I’m not sure how that happened, since these are funny and really well-done.

I know these aren’t new, but if you haven’t heard/seen them, you should check it out.  Even if you have seen these already, they’re worth seeing again.  FYI, the group is putting out new music, but here are their two classic Christmas songs.

First is “The Christmas Can-Can (Animated Version)”.  Someone made a video to go with the funny lyrics.

If you haven’t seen them perform it live, it’s amusing, too, and you can watch it on YouTube here: Straight No Chaser – The Christmas Can-Can (With A Special Greeting).

Lastly, here’s “The 12 Days of Christmas”, as only Straight No Chaser can sing it.

FYI, if you’re wondering what “can-can” refers to, it’s a high-energy and physically demanding dance.  The tune used is from Jacques Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld.  (Yes, I had to look that up.  I knew it was an old song, but didn’t know the actual name of it.)

antelope tackling bicycle rider & bread helmet man

Apparently the viral video of the day is a bicycle rider getting knocked down by an antelope during a race in Africa.  It is quite unusual and unexpected. It was also unexpected to see it on TV twice already in one day.  But since it’s so popular, I’ll post it here for you, so you can tell all your friends and co-workers that you saw it and they should watch it too.  After all, this is what’s popular.  Maybe it’s even the cat’s pajamas

Now don’t you feel cooler?  You are now in the know.  Although, by the time you’re reading this, this video might be old news.  There’s probably another video already gone viral that everyone is talking about.

Sometimes you can’t predict what will be viral next.  For example, someone can just show up to a protest with bread taped to their head and become an Internet meme.  He was just trying to “protect” himself against makeshift projectiles, so some protesters made makeshift “armor”.  Now this guy is known as Bread Helmet Man, and he’s appeared in “photographs” all around teh internets…  A few examples…

I wonder if he has any idea of his 15 megabytes of fame…

FYI, I already know the Bread Helmet Man meme is old (in Internet years, anyway).  But it was never referenced here, and it certainly is random, and the post just needed something else…  Was it worth your time?  Wait, don’t answer that.  Keeping up with viral videos and memes often isn’t worth your time, which is why they aren’t closely followed here…  And my rambling about wasting your time might not be worth your time, so I’ll stop typing now.