the first-ever Buffet o’ Blog birthday

Today marks one year of blogging here at Buffet o’ Blog.  We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings, to, um, well, now.  (Maybe that’s not a good way to put it.)  Let’s move on to the statistics :

  • 231 posts
  • 12,390 page hits
  • 3,921 spam comments

Those numbers represent lots of good times.  Well, except the spam comments, obviously, but Akismet has blocked most of those.  Also, the page hits don’t count when the staff is logged in, so it’s not just us inflating the numbers.  There are actually people visiting this site, anywhere from 10 to 50 new people a day.  (You’re all welcome to leave comments, by the way.)

The staff will be going to Brick Oven Pizza to celebrate, where you can get a pizza made just about any way you want.  One of the staff favorites is the chicken/bacon/ranch pizza.  Good stuff…

I wish there was something we could do to celebrate with everyone, like giving away cookies & milk, but this is a virtual community, where we may be separated by thousands of miles.  One of the staff suggested we get a big birthday cake, use Black Cat firecrackers for the candles, douse it with gasoline, then light the fuse and wait for the explosion.  We could post a video of it for all to enjoy.  And we would, except the Buffet o’ Blog video department hasn’t opened yet.  (We do plan to open it soon, whenever we can acquire a camcorder.  We’ve got some funny ideas for homemade videos.)

Since there’s no video and no cookies, let’s take a few minutes to remember the really funny posts, and I’ll open the floor for you to share your memories.  [silence]  Don’t everyone speak at once…  [silence]  Well, I reckon there’s too many to quickly choose one.  (That must be what’s happening.)  Take your time; I’ll leave the comments section open 24/7 for your convenience.

We’ve made it through a year now, and there hasn’t been a shortage of new material.  We’ve still got lots of ideas for future posts.  Sometimes there’s a shortage of free time, but we make the sacrifices to keep this going.  It’s fun for us, and hopefully fun for you, too.  Most of us could stand to laugh more, not only because it’s fun but also because it’s healthy for you.  So come back here, because we’ll keep writing.  (Feel free to use our RSS feed to subscribe, if you have a feed reader.)  And tell all your friends.  The more, the merrier…

4 thoughts on “the first-ever Buffet o’ Blog birthday

  1. Thomas Wayne

    Obscure?!? Obscure my butt! This blog is world-renown and stuff… (I don’t know if they have the statistics for that, but I know it’s pretty cool, and I know cool!) I remember it got voted #1 in some humor website poll a while back.

    I’ve really enjoyed the “viewer mail”. It’s amazing what some people search for. And y’all seem to have all the answers for these people.

    The free-for-all stories are fun, too. It was so cool to read about the moon getting blown up and Dr. Phil getting beaten up.

    The smack talked by Mr. Destructo and that “Important Evil Genius” (wannabe) was funny, too. Even though it was obvious that Mr. Destructo was far superior to that old guy evil scientist wannabe, it was still funny to read their discussion.

    Oh, yeah — that bacon & cheese diet y’all recommended is great! You need to come up with more stuff like that, maybe with milkshakes and Oreos. So many of those diet advocates say to eat only fruits and vegetables, but that gets boring in a hurry! And some places want you to buy their special foods and diet pills. I ain’t got the money (or the desire) for that! I want to eat Cheetos and cookies and pizza, etc. Figure out a diet like that and I’ll subscribe to your plan.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Kri'

    Obscure my foot! This blog has been great for its inaugural year. No amateurs here, man!

    I, too, enjoy the view mail… my personal favorite is when someone searched for “buffet bathroom explosion.” Umm… that could just go in so many different directions, it’s almost scary. And the explanation for this viewer mail was priceless.

    Hats off to the funniest blog on the web – here’s to many more years to come!

  3. Mr. Destructo

    I find this blog quite amusing. It provides a welcome respite from my doctoral studies about topics like the degeneracy pressure during time dilation of maximum-entropy objects (like black holes).

    So keep writing. I applaud creativity, and I appreciate the fact that most of the material here is original.

    FYI, everyone should enjoy it while they can, for if my demands are not met, I will eventually destroy the Earth.

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