buying lots of toilet paper for fun

One of the regular readers here at Buffet o’ Blog just told me about an idea to do for fun.  He wants to go to Walmart (or as some say, Walmarks) and buy a package of toilet paper (TP).  Then about half an hour later, go buy another package of TP, making sure you go to the same cashier.  Then do it again, and again, and again.  If the cashier asks how your day is going, hold your stomach and say it’s been rough.   When they recognize you and say something, tell them it’s an emergency.

It’s a lot of work for a simple prank for just one person, but the look on that cashier’s face could potentially be… priceless.  Well, probably not, but it could be, and they probably need help in making their day more surreal.

A variation on this is that you could buy a few months supply of toilet paper at one time — picture dozens of family packs of TP.   They will probably give you a quizzical glance at some point, and you could tell them that it’s Mango-Man’s turn to cook supper, and after last time, you can’t be too prepared…  🙂

caption contest, toilet abused

It’s time for a new caption contest!  This week, we’re going to feature a gross picture.   Be forewarned that some people might find this disturbing or even inappropriate.  It’s a picture of a toilet, with an abundance of poop and toilet paper in it.   And when I say abundance, I mean overflowing.  If you can’t stomach the grossness, then don’t scroll down to see the picture.

Before we get to that, I want to feature a short editorial rant on today’s subject matter (which also conveniently places the picture further down, to help certain people).  I realize that some people get offended at the mere mention of poop / feces, so the sight of it may be too much to handle.  But let’s look at it this way: you most likely see poop every single day.   So don’t act like your farts don’t stink, pretending that you’re too socially advanced and high-minded for such things.   Everyone poops.  It’s part of nature.

Now let’s address the issue of why there would be a picture of a toilet with poop in it, since everyone sees it every day anyway.  I don’t necessarily enjoy looking at poop, and you probably don’t either.  Well, this is what you call a caricature — a picture that exaggerates or distorts something, either for emphasis or entertainment.  So basically, this photo is humorous (to some) because it goes way beyond what is normal.   I realize that some people still might get offended despite my reasoning, so if that’s you, either go to another page, or press “Page Down” twice quickly, to avoid it.   You have been forewarned.

Finally, let’s get to the picture.   I realize there’s no people in it, so your caption (or craption, which might be more appropriate this time) can be for whoever finds this or whoever has to clean it up or just as general commentary / narrative.  Or if you can make a joke out of it, go ahead.  Just don’t use cuss words — this is still a family-friendly site, despite the grossness of this picture.


You can click on the pic for a larger version, if you dare.

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