the art of bacon weaving

Through the “Possibly Related Posts” feature of WordPress, someone came to Buffet o’ Blog from this page: the art of bacon weaving.  That sounded interesting, so I investigated.

This guy made a bacon weave, or an edible bacon quilt, then put eggs and cheese on it, then rolled it up into what could be called a breakfast burrito, except that instead of a tortilla to hold it all together, it uses bacon.  It looks scrumptious!


He also says, “I used an alarming number of paper towels to soak the grease from the bacon mat.”  I definitely believe that.  Regular reader Mango-Man can tell you about the amount of grease that comes from bacon while it’s cooking!  Our fabled “Buffet o’ Bacon” night revealed that there is a dark side of bacon.  (Read the comments for his testimony.)

You won’t want to miss our next post, which will mention another use for the bacon weave.