funny costumes, pt. 4

With Halloween approaching once again, people are looking for costumes that are funny, weird, scary, cool, awesome, etc.  We don’t sell costumes here, but we do usually show pictures of some interesting costumes every year around this time.  So here’s a few more…

This is cool! One of the Ghostbusters and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
Speaking of cool… what’s cooler than a Mr. T costume for babies? You have cute and tough at the same time.
I like this one, too — Spiderman’s enemy Doctor Octopus / Dr. Octavius / Doc Ock, and he has captured Spiderman. This might scare some children, but that’s part of trick-or-treat, isn’t it?

Warning: the following picture may be disturbing to some viewers.  If you are easily grossed out or offended, you should stop here.  It’s just not right.

No man should ever dress like Wonder Woman. I realize some people enjoy gross stuff, but there’s a line you don’t want to cross, and this is so far past that line that it’s like “what line?”
The caption for this could be “Never too old to attend Hogwarts”, but that might not be true…

One of my friends said he was going to get a Halloween costume of a giant whoopie cushion.  Of course you can imagine what kind of sound effects he would produce to go with such a costume.

To see the other posts of funny costumes, you can use the search tool in the sidebar, or you can click this link where we’ve set it up for you.  If you think your friends will enjoy any of these, please share the link via Facebook (our page linked) or e-mail.  The world needs more laughter…

live-action Japanese Spiderman from the ’70s

Recently I came across YouTube video clips of a live-action Japanese Spiderman TV show from the ’70s.  This is something to see… prepare to be surprised, even if you know quite a bit about Spiderman.

If you watched the video, you might’ve noticed it was from 1978 and it featured a giant live-action transforming robot.  How long did it take before America got transforming robots?  Something like 1984, wasn’t it?  The Japanese have been ahead of us for a while on cartoons and sci-fi technology.

According to this other video (with a different theme song, one you may be more familiar with), Spiderman has a flying car (the Spider Machine GP-7), and the giant transforming robot is named Leopardon and belongs to Spiderman.  The song says he has radioactive blood, and he wears some type of mechanical device on one of his wrists.  I’m really curious about the story now…

On a related note, someone took clips from the Japanese Spiderman TV show and made a compilation video, adding NES-style music from Mega Man.  (NES = the original Nintendo system, in case you didn’t know.)

Spiderman’s pre-fight antics look amusing, plus his voice in Japanese is awesome (“SPYDA!”).  I’m gonna have to watch one of those episodes sometime…

funny costumes, pt 1

For years, people have enjoyed dressing up in costumes, whether for Halloween or for parties.  There’s also movie premiers and conventions, where die-hard fans get into cosplay (costume roleplay).  Sometimes these costume attempts end up being funny, whether intentionally or just because it’s so bad (epic fail).   Here’s a few that fall into one of those categories (but mostly the latter).  Let’s start with people trying to be superheroes.

guy in Aquaman costume, with feathers
Why would you want to dress up as a wuss? And with feathers?
Spiderman costume, but something's wrong
There's several things wrong with this picture. Can you find them?
guy in Batman costume
The Atkins Diet really worked for Batman!
guy in Captain Marvel costume
Does this make you marvel?
guy in costume - it's not easy being Green... Lantern
It's not easy being Green... Lantern.
guy in Flash Gordon costume
I know he's supposed to be a good guy, but this scares me.
guy in Galactus costume
old man in Batman costume, missing parts
No utility belt, no shoes, no service.
costume - Iron Man downgraded to Paper Man
The economic downturn even affected Tony Stark. But switching from iron to paper is gonna cost him in other ways...
costume - Space Ghost
Space Ghost is awesome, but every time someone dresses up like him, it just doesn't work out so well...

This post is getting long, so I’ll put the rest of them in another post.  Here’s a link to search for the other funny costumes posts.

Superman and Spiderwoman have joined forces

I found another crazy awesome-because-it’s-so-bad video.   This video clip is from an Indian movie featuring Superman and Spiderman.  (Yes, they have joined forces, for whatever reason.)  Although, you will quickly notice that Spiderman is a woman.  So I reckon that makes her Spiderwoman.  That’s kinda weird.  And they appear to be romantically-inclined.

In this video, they’re flying together, then apart (and since when could Spiderman, er, Spiderwoman, fly?), and then they do some bad dancing together.  But keep watching, because they spot some criminals who need a superhero-style beatdown.  You will laugh at that part.  The special effects we’re used to in America apparently don’t translate well.  And then after the criminals’ nefarious plans are thwarted, Superman and Spiderwoman dance some more.  This dancing will probably make you laugh, too (unless you vomit — don’t take it too seriously, okay?).

By now, you’ve probably realized this isn’t a direct port from an American Superman film.  He’s never appeared with Spiderman nor his long-lost sister.  And he doesn’t dance (thankfully!).  So yes, this is a generic-brand Superman.  And it shows…

BTW, if the music gets annoying during the dance scenes, just mute it.  I think it’s even funnier when muted.  But listen to the music during the fight scene — it’s amusing.

It was also funny when they were flying around and saw a group of people dancing, so they decided to bust a move in the sky, then join the people on the ground to get their dance on.

I also noticed that Superman doesn’t look very muscular.  I reckon that didn’t translate too well, either…

I wonder if the movie labels here in America have sued anyone over these types of films.  Because at first glance, it looks to be a rip-off of copyrighted superheroes.  Although, when you look closer, you see that they didn’t copy very much at all…

If there’s one thing I learned from this video, it’s that when I start releasing movies, I’m going to release them overseas, because obviously the bar is set much lower in other parts of the world…