Where did the new posts go?

I’m finally getting back to new posts now.  Has it really been two weeks?  Inconceivable!   Here’s what happened — my computer got really sick. It either had a virus or there was a major corruption of the .NET Framework or some such issue.  Either way, most of my programs didn’t work, and it was hindering my work and my slacking, so getting it fixed became an important issue.  So new posts were neglected during that time.  Also, my monitor quit working, which further added to the problems.   Besides all this, there were all kinds of other stuff going wrong in my life.  I don’t remember everything that happened, but I’m pretty sure the Earth blew up.  (Just checking if you were still paying attention… it hasn’t gotten that bad yet!)

I won’t list all the things that went wrong.  It’s all spilled milk under the bridge now.  And I think it’s time to burn that bridge.

So blame the real world for the lack of new content lately.  Hopefully I can now return to my own little world, where everything I do turns out awesome and my coolness is beyond comprehension.

research shows pickles will kill you

We’ve discussed here before the fact that pickles are evil.  We’ve even offered proof, yet some of you stubbornly resist the facts.  Well, here’s further evidence, which I stumbled across recently.

An important scientific study was conducted around 1875, when pickles were starting to gain more acceptance in mainstream society.  Certain intellectual people knew this must be the work of the devil, trying to turn people into evil zombies.  So these smart important scientists conducted some research into the long-term effects of pickles.  There were 5011 people who ate pickles and had their life observed, to see what kind of effects the pickles had.  Much to everyone’s chagrin, all these people DIED!

So there you have it — conclusive proof that IF YOU EAT PICKLES, YOU WILL DIE! That’s just not something you want to mess around with!

Feel free to argue if you must, but facts are facts…

Do you know what pancakes know?

I’ve noticed that a lot of the recent comment spam here has been in Russian.  I don’t speak Russian, so it’s all Greek to me.  But I was curious what they were promoting, so I copied one comment and pasted it into Yahoo’s Babel Fish translation service, and it returned this:

To ??? simply!  Everyone, pancake, all knows, except me

For some context, this was a comment on the caption contest featuring weird robot costumes.  Although I’m not sure if that really adds context, but I’ll make it fit.  Let’s see…  Were they calling us “pancake”? pancakes Surely not.  That makes absolutely no sense.  The interpretation didn’t give us the full meaning, so we must apply some interpolation.   Given the context of the caption contest, perhaps they meant everyone knows what is going on in that picture, except them.   That is, even pancakes know what’s going on.  Man, it must be tough to be dumber than a stack of flapjacks.   I reckon that’s why they’re in the spam business…

lots of Easter eggs

One of my neighbors put out a LOT of plastic Easter eggs on Easter morning, as evidenced by this picture.

Easter Eggs everywhere  (click for larger image)
Easter Eggs everywhere (click for larger image)

Now, I don’t have kids, but I do have some memories from my childhood of hunting Easter eggs, and it was never this easy.  To me, this isn’t even hunting or finding — it’s just picking them up.  What sense of accomplishment is that?  You might as well just throw the eggs at them.  🙂

I have a younger brother, so eventually I got to help hide the eggs for him, and I never made it that easy on him.  In fact, sometimes I’d make it hard for him to find them all.  Being challenged like that helps people develop diligence and thoroughness.  I’m sure my brother would thank me now if he realized how much that contributed to his development.  🙂  (Actually, he’d say he’s cool on his own and I had nothing to do with it, but that’s just because he refuses to give me any credit.)  🙂