a caption contest with prizes from Klipsch

For those of you who enjoy caption contests and would actually like the chance to win a prize, I’ve found one for you!  At Klipsch.com there will be 4 bi-weekly caption contests, with each winner receiving a pair of Klipsch Image S4 in-ear headphones (valued at $79.99).  All entries will be entered in a drawing for the Klipsch HD Theatre 300 (valued at $399.99).  I missed the first one, but the second one is underway now.  The contests will last through August 24, 2009.

Note that you can enter only once per contest per valid e-mail address.   Multiple entries in one contest will get you disqualified.

how to get your own avatar

You may notice that I enlarged the avatars (pictures) in the Recent Comments in the sidebar.  The gravatar.com site is finally working correctly, so pictures are now showing up for your ID.  The idea of global avatars is really neat, and I’m glad that feature is available in WordPress.

Do you want your own?  It’s really simple.  Just go to gravatar.com, create an account, and upload a picture to go with your e-mail address.  Then when you write a comment using that e-mail address on a WordPress blog (or possibly others, too), the image shows up next to your name, if they have avatars enabled.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I had to use all lowercase when putting my e-mail address in the comment form.  Perhaps that will get fixed, but try doing that if you’re having any issues with it not showing up.