a new perfect day to be outside holiday

The past few days have had near-perfect weather, particularly after summer when it’s too hot with too much humidity.  I’ve heard several people say it’s too good of weather to be inside working, and I’ve had that thought myself.  So what we need to start is a floating holiday for each Spring and Fall that’s based on the weather.  At least once each season, when the weather is perfect, everyone should get the day off to do whatever they want outside.  Various groups could sponsor pick-up games for sports, where people could just show up and play ball (football, basketball, baseball, tennis, etc.), and there could be picnics and tail-gate parties (because grilling would be ideal at these times).

Somebody needs to make this happen…  (Hint: If one of our state representatives were to get this started, I’m sure they would pick up some votes for actually doing something cool that the people want.)

it feels good outside today

It feels really good outside today.  It finally feels like fall / autumn.  So I went outside this morning, enjoying the near-70 temperatures with a slight breeze.  I walked around the block, and it felt really good.  Then I decided to jog the next time around the block, but all of a sudden it got really hot and sweaty for some reason, so I went back inside.  Perhaps there’s a lesson to be learned here…