Hostess Cupcake turns 90!!! (or at least they did on the day before yesterday)

I just learned that on Sept. 14 (the day before yesterday) that Hostess celebrated 90 years of sweet creamy cupcake goodness. Why was I not notified of this earlier!?!?

I guess our infamous R&D department was taking a nap or something*.

While we all may have missed the ‘official’ celebration, we shouldn’t let that stop us from celebrating with that sweet fatty goodness of a hostess cuptake today!

What! You don’t have a cupcake?
Then make your own by following the recipe here or here

These recipes show how to make something very closely resembling a hostess cupcake (including the filling and icing.)

While you’re at it, why not take things up a notch and wrap it in bacon or add some candy corn? If you do this be sure and let us here at the blog know how it turns out. You could potentially win the opportunity to be a guest columnist** and describe your creation.

In honor of our (belated) celebration I have included a few facts about hostess cupcakes that I found on the hostess website.

  • Mystery surrounds who “invented” the original Hostess CupCake in 1919, however, we know it was baking executive D.R. “Doc” Rice who, more than 30 years later in 1950, added the signature seven squiggles and vanilla-creme filling.
  • Americans eat more than 600 million cupcakes every year
  • The original Hostess CupCake slogan was “You get a big delight in every bite!”

*R&D likely WAS taking a nap as they are prone to do between the hours of 8 and 5 most every Monday.

**guest columnist will (possibly) be chosen at random from all entries by our R&D department… Assuming they are aren’t taking their monday nap.