you must take breaks at work

Did you know that there are federally mandated breaks for workers?  That is, you’re supposed to get something like 15 minutes off for every 4 hours of work.  (Those numbers may vary; I can’t be bothered with research right now… too much stuff to do.)

By my reasoning, if you don’t take your two 15-minute breaks per 8 hour workday, then you’re breaking the law.  I mean, they are federally mandated, which means the government is telling you to do it.  So unless you want to be a criminal, you’d better be taking those breaks!

BTW, your employer might not mention that, because some places want you to work, work, work all the time.  But don’t let them strong-arm you into illegal practices.  Know your rights!  Knowing is half the battle!   (And in this case, goofing off for 15 minutes is the other half.)  🙂