Where did the new posts go?

I’m finally getting back to new posts now.  Has it really been two weeks?  Inconceivable!   Here’s what happened — my computer got really sick. It either had a virus or there was a major corruption of the .NET Framework or some such issue.  Either way, most of my programs didn’t work, and it was hindering my work and my slacking, so getting it fixed became an important issue.  So new posts were neglected during that time.  Also, my monitor quit working, which further added to the problems.   Besides all this, there were all kinds of other stuff going wrong in my life.  I don’t remember everything that happened, but I’m pretty sure the Earth blew up.  (Just checking if you were still paying attention… it hasn’t gotten that bad yet!)

I won’t list all the things that went wrong.  It’s all spilled milk under the bridge now.  And I think it’s time to burn that bridge.

So blame the real world for the lack of new content lately.  Hopefully I can now return to my own little world, where everything I do turns out awesome and my coolness is beyond comprehension.