gaming for bacon

Getting older doesn’t mean you outgrow video games.  But you do outgrow the tickets that come out of games at places like Chuck E. Cheese (or our local Larry’s Pizza).  Most (if not all) of the prizes are worthless to adults.  But imagine if instead of a ticket, you received a similar-sized piece of bacon…

As awesome as that would be, obviously there are some logistical issues with the machines distributing bacon.  So instead the machines could spit out bacon tickets which could be exchanged for actual bacon strips.  And if you were to break the weekly or monthly high school, you could win other prizes like nachos or pizza or milkshakes.  They could also occasionally give out vouchers for more gaming tokens.

Why hasn’t someone done this?  Of course these prizes are more expensive than the stuff you get now, but they would also be increasing the audience by a large factor.  Plus they get food at cost, so it’s not as expensive as you might think.  More adults would play the games, which would mean more revenue, which would also fund the purchase / renting of games that adults would enjoy more.  It’s a win-win situation!  Someone definitely needs to make this happen!

The Gamerator

Someone has built what they call “the ULTIMATE gaming machine in the world of home entertainment”, and they call it The Gamerator.  It’s an arcade machine with a 26″ flat-panel HDTV, two cup holders, controller option of trackball or dual joystick setup, and it comes preloaded with 100 arcade games.   It runs Windows XP, so you can load your own games on it.  You can also hook up almost any console to it, including the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360.  But wait, there’s more!  It also contains a built-in refrigerator capable of holding a keg of beer (or tea), with a tap in the front so you can get refills without having to pause your game.

You can pre-order one for $3,249.  So it’s very expensive, yet very cool.  Since it looks like an arcade machine, it probably has a low WAF (Wife Approval Factor), but if you have a game room (and you should if you don’t), it’s perfect for that.