funny pictures, episode 15

Welcome to another edition of funny pictures.  Do I need to say more?

Do the iPod and iMac designs look so original now? A quick glance online shows that this could be intentional.
It wasn’t quite that bad… at least most of the time…
Uhh… although that would be really random…
Isn’t it amazing what difference a little CGI can make?
Supposedly this was an actual game for the Atari 2600. Judging by the title, I really don’t know what to think. Are there tanks or not?

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funny pictures, episode 14

More funny pictures, ‘nuf said.

Not that protesting is necessarily wrong… but camping out for weeks or months just isn’t feasible if you have a job.
Merry & Pippin convince the Ents they have a faster way to Isengard.
I sure hope someone didn’t really write that. I’m scared to look…
So maybe it’s technically not funny, but it’s a somewhat lighthearted way of looking at a serious issue that’s been getting a lot of press lately.

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funny pictures, episode 13, baby edition

There’s been more talk about babies around here lately, so I figured why not have a baby edition of funny pictures. Surely there’s a lot of people who enjoy funny baby pictures, so this is something for them.

I've actually been looking at baby strollers of late, but I'm fairly certain my wife wouldn't go for one like this. She doesn't seem to understand that sometimes you need to go off-road. I realize that's not normal for baby strollers, but if they had tires like this, maybe people would more often...
Here's another neat baby stroller / carriage, but I'm not even gonna bother showing this to my wife. How many guys would appreciate a baby stroller that looks like an AT-AT from Star Wars? But this is one of those areas in life where a man's definition of cool usually doesn't factor into the vote.
I've also been looking at colors to paint the baby room. I knew there were (supposedly) millions of colors, but we didn't see any of these at the paint store. Maybe they only show them upon request...
I don't have a baby yet, so there's a lot I still have to learn, but I'm pretty sure using the toy like this would be a bad idea, not to mention illegal.
Again, I'm no expert on children, but I bet I can guess what happens next...

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funny pictures, episode 12

Someone pointed out that many of my recent posts have been asking for contributions to the humor (i.e., caption contests), and I make no apologies for that — I really enjoy seeing how different perspectives result in varied humor.  But I realized I have been neglecting the funny pictures series, so I will continue that post-haste.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, here are several funny / weird / random / odd pictures for you to enjoy.  (Of course you are welcome to leave comments, but don’t feel pressured to.)

This reminds me of regular reader Rurouni Kenneth!
Pets have a way of letting you know when they feel neglected...
This sounds like that "Important Doctor", with his bacon and cheese diet*...

* The bacon-and-cheese diet has been referenced many times, but you can find the first mention of it here, if you care to read more…  Just remember this is a humor site, so take any of this seriously at your own risk!  Better yet, don’t take any of it seriously!

This reminds me of a guy I know... his name is Anonymous. 🙂
Grimace: Nom-Nom-Nom

There ya go.  Stay tuned for more funny pics, and feel free to peruse the funny picture archives if you are new here.