much randomness on Facebook

That subject could go a couple of ways, and I will take both paths in one post… or at least try and see what happens.  First, there’s already randomness and humor on Facebook.  People post some crazy things, displaying their ignorance / stupidity for all their friends to see.  Case in point:

For the second direction, consider this an announcement that Buffet o’ Blog is joining the Facebook.  Now you can like / follow Buffet o’ Blog via your personal Facebook account.

This will increase our virtual community of people who enjoy clean humor, funny stuff, and randomness.  The more, the merrier, as they say — which will especially apply to the caption contests and free-for-all stories.

This will also make it easier to share posts with friends.  We’d appreciate the referral, and surely you know people who either like this kind of humor already or who need more humor in their life.

So thank you for your support, and we’ll continue to publish funny stuff you’ve never seen or thought of before.  🙂

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