odor-absorbing paint

The other day I painted the baby room, and the paint was supposedly odor-free.  That was a lie!  It might be reduced odor, but there was most definitely still a paint smell to it.  At least it was VOC-free, so hopefully it wasn’t harmful.

One nice benefit of the paint is that it’s supposed to absorb odors.  (So shouldn’t it absorb its own odor?  If so, then wouldn’t it not smell when you open the lid?  But it did, so their claim smells fishy, er, well, painty.  Whatever.)  The odor-absorbing feature will be a good thing in a baby room, with all the upcoming diaper changes.  Maybe I should repaint the bathroom while I’m at it…  🙂

BTW, the name of the color is “potentially purple”.  (It’s for a girl’s room, and it’s a nice compromise of not being hardcore pink).  It’s definitely purple, so I don’t know what is “potentially” about it.  It is or it isn’t.  But what do I know about colors — I’m a man.  To men, there are 16 colors, and you can have light or dark variations of those colors.  There’s no need to know the names of 16.7 million colors.

2 thoughts on “odor-absorbing paint

  1. Fab

    You got any of that odor absorbing paint left? I could use some for my drawz. I don’t know about “potentially purple” but my drawz are “burnt sienna”.

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