caption contest, kids piling snow up to school door

Our weekly caption contest is running late, and I blame the snow.  (We never lost power or Internet connectivity, but extra time was spent playing in the snow.)   Since we just had a massive snowstorm / blizzard in the South, I figured a snow-themed caption contest is in order.  So here ya go.  You can write a caption from the point-of-view of the students, the teachers, onlookers, or just make a random joke or observation about it.  Anything is okay, as long as it is clean and funny.

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5 thoughts on “caption contest, kids piling snow up to school door

  1. Holiday Inn Express

    This is what happens at recess when kids don’t get a snow day. Then the students go home, and the teachers are trapped inside until spring.

  2. Beppo

    Kid in orange: “Getting this much snow is inconceivable!”
    Other kid: “You keep using that word… I do not think it means what you think it means.”

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