caption contest, Barack Obama looking under desk

I can’t let another week get started without a caption contest…   This week’s photo features President Barack Obama looking under his desk in the Oval Office while a lady looks on amusedly.  I don’t know if she is an admin or a temp or an assistant or friend or Congressperson — you get to decide who she is, if you wish to define her.  That’s how the whole caption contest works — it’s up to you to explain what is going on here.  So think of something funny — and it can be politically-based — but keep it clean.

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15 thoughts on “caption contest, Barack Obama looking under desk

    1. Thomas Wayne

      Staff lady: “I can’t believe the leader of the free world just farted… Tell me this didn’t just happen…”

  1. Important Political Scientist

    O’Bomber (to staffer): Have you seen my latest job approval numbers?

    Staffer: You’ll have to look a lot lower than that.

  2. MangoMan

    No Mr President… i’m laughing WITH you… it’s the country who’s laughing AT you… or at least they would be if what you’ve done to this country wasn’t so sad!

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