lying to Congress is a serious crime

As you might’ve heard, Congress is investigating the possibility that baseball pitcher Roger Clemens lied to them under oath about his use of steroids.  Representative Henry Waxman, then the committee’s chairman, said perjury and false statements “are serious crimes that undermine the ability of Congress to perform its duties.”  True… but at the same time, I keep trying to imagine how a politician can accuse anyone of lying with a straight face, and I just can’t do it.  I mean, how many members of Congress have knowingly lied while on the job?  (I don’t think I want to know the statistics, because it would probably be very depressing.)

3 thoughts on “lying to Congress is a serious crime

  1. Thomas Wayne

    Isn’t this something like the pot calling the kettle black? (And what does that even mean? Who came up with that saying?)

  2. Important Political Scientist

    And is it really the duty of congress to hold hearings about steroid use in professional sports? I’m not sure this was what the founders intended when they established congress. While suspected steroid use should be investigated by those in the teams’ management structures and by law enforcement like the police and/or DEA, congress really has no jurisdiction here.

  3. Beppo

    It is highly ironic, because steroids used in that way are already illegal under law, so why is Congress even involved? And this investigation of Roger Clemens started over 2 1/2 years ago! How much time and taxpayer money is being wasted on this? Sure, professional sports need to be cleaned up, but there are people in those sports with authority to do that, and Congress definitely has more important issues to attend to.

    So why is Congress involved? I don’t know. It’s inconceivable to me. And that it took 2.5 years just to get an indictment indicates that this has already become a debacle… And they’re still going after Barry Bonds for perjury, and that’s been going on even longer…

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