food critic, corn dog pizza

Someone today was talking to me about a corn dog pizza, and it reminded me of this picture I had saved for our food critic series.   I’ve never tried a corn dog pizza, and if I made one it wouldn’t be done quite like this.  But this picture is what it is, so let’s start with it.  What do you think about this food item, and how could it be made better?

7 thoughts on “food critic, corn dog pizza

  1. Holiday Inn Express

    I would have the sticks for the corndogs facing the crust, to better match with the conventional eating order for pizza.

    Also, cover the corn dogs in cheese.

  2. Thomas Wayne

    What about just removing the sticks? I figure most folks wouldn’t be interested in eating them…

    Definitely could use more bacon and cheese! Some ranch dressing might go well with it, too. Or BBQ sauce.

  3. The Self-Proclaimed Genius

    Mo bettah buttah bacons and how ’bout chili mixed wif Rotel fo tha sauce and mounded wif Velveeta cheese it’s good.

  4. Holiday Inn Express

    And then after you deep fry (with funnel cake batter of course) it, add come chili.

    Deep fried funnel cake corndog pizza with extra chili, extra cheese and dipping sauce.

    It’ll clog your arteries from 10 feet away. Coming soon to a state fair near you.

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