funny pictures, episode 6

Over the years, I’ve collected a number of funny pictures, and this series is where I share them with the world.   If you have any comments on any of them, you’re welcome to add it.

"I've got skills... I've got game..."
I probably shouldn't comment on this...
"Hey, Bubba, watch this!"
Donuts and bacon... that is something I can support!
"When I was your age, we used to have to pull cars to school with our faces, while being mocked and ridiculed, uphill both ways."

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5 thoughts on “funny pictures, episode 6

  1. Thomas Wayne

    I don’t know about Lenin, but that’s how I look when I hit game-winning shots. Yeah. If coach would’ve put me in fourth quarter, we would’ve been state champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind.

  2. Holiday Inn Express

    It’s the last picture that gets me. Who started the pulling a van with your face contest? I mean, I’ve seen the pulling a van by a man contests, and those are pretty cool. But they usually don’t have to face pull. Wouldn’t that leave your face all stretched out?

  3. Thomas Wayne

    You’ve probably seen people who have to one-up everyone else. Some wanna-be tough guy said, “So what if you can pull a truck with your teeth? I can, uhh, pull a truck with my ears! Watch this!”

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