caption contest, old-school dancing

I haven’t forgotten about the Monday caption contest.  Here goes…

Explain what’s going on here.  Be funny if possible.  That’s it.

guys rockin out to music

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20 thoughts on “caption contest, old-school dancing

  1. MangoMan

    from humble beginnings… I present the dance known today as ‘the robot’ … and btw… TW is the one holding the accordian! 🙂

  2. Thomas Wayne

    Someone should tell the two hatless dancers that the bad “go-to-bed-with-wet-hair-and-don’t-fix-it-in-the-morning hair styles weren’t popular until the ’90s and 2000s…

  3. Obama-crat

    Liberals are excited to hear about Obama’s policies of economic recovery for america and THE WORLD!

  4. Shameful G20 Protestor

    That’s right. we are taking it to the streets! Krumping it up, yo. Better watch ya back wall street.
    Proving our point one broken window/burning car/rock throw at a time.

    Ya-mean. We think capitalism is dead so we are protesting against it. We think government is screwed up so we are protesting against it. We think the sun isn’t as yellow as it should be. We think there isn’t enough Yanni on television. WE PROTEST!
    This blog doesn’t have enough pictures of David Hasselhoff! I am G20 Protestor! Why the world be front’n???
    Take lots of pictures of me! Just wait until I get my mask up.

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