bracket for greatest video game character

It’s March Madness, which means many people are filling in brackets for who they think will win the NCAA basketball tournament.  That’s written about plenty of times, so it’s refreshing to see the concept used for other things.  Case in point: Patrick Hruby of created a bracket for the greatest video game character ever.  Of course there are some omissions, but nonetheless it brings back a lot of great memories if you’ve been a gamer for a while.  And even if you aren’t familiar with all the games, there are some links to pictures and video clips.

2 thoughts on “bracket for greatest video game character

  1. Bag O' Donuts

    The guy that did the bracket got Solid Snake mixed up with Snake Plisskin from Escape from L.A…wow. How does that even happen? Other than that I missed Donkey Kong, Dug from DigDug (way better than Q*Bert), and 20 years of sucky Star Wars games. Thank God for Knights of the Old Republic.

  2. Classic Gamer

    O THE MEMORIES! these really do bring back the times don’t they? I think anybody who hasn’t played the Metal Gear games with Solid Snake are really missing out. Great story line, great action, about as addictive as they can be.

    Now I remember having a contest with the Buffet-0-BLOG staff at Beppo’s house on who could beat Tyson the fastest. Who won? and what was the fastest time?

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