caption contest, big couch

It’s Monday, so some of you are inevitably awaiting the next caption contest.  Well, your wait is over.  Here is this week’s issue.   Now write something funny to go with it!   🙂


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24 thoughts on “caption contest, big couch

  1. Fab

    Upon arrival at the beanstalk giant’s house, Jack and his friend Frederico found it to be rather inviting, although, in Frederico’s experience as an interior designer, yellow doesn’t go with that carpet. I mean, what are we trying to say here? Tacky, tacky tacky?!

  2. Fab

    Mr. Donuts,

    What’s the name of Ford’s new SUV? Yes, I’m setting you up so you can give a funny answer, so just make up a cool name for it already! I can’t stand the suspense!

  3. Bag O' Donuts

    “…yeah I got it cheap at an estate sale. Evidently it belonged to two really fat guys from a previous caption contest.”

  4. Bag O' Donuts

    And Fab, it’s the Ford Expedition Sultan of Brunei Edition. It seats 32, plenty of cargo space (actually enough for a spare car), has a built in McDonalds, two lane bowling alley, and illuminated cupholders. Frivolous you say? It gets 1/40th mile per gallon. The hybrid gets 3/40th. So go green. Check local dealerships for availability.

  5. MangoMan

    Believe it or not I got this from one of these ‘quarter vending machines’ the instructions said “just add water and watch it grow”

  6. Thomas Wayne

    The Important Evil Genius initially tested his enlarginator gun on his couch, then on his TV. Then with a sly grin, he enlarged all his snack foods. He hasn’t left his secret lair in weeks…

    He hasn’t officially retired from attempting to conquer the world, but it looks like this may be it. (And he should retire, because he’s never going to conquer the world anyway.)

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