too fat for prison

In the news there’s a story of a woman who is about 1000 pounds and can’t leave her house.  That is FAT!  I know, it’s not politically correct to talk about a woman’s weight nor to call her fat, but this isn’t some extra 50 pounds — it’s an extra 850 pounds!  I don’t think it’s even debatable whether she’s fat — let’s just call it what it is.

Anyway, she was in the news because she killed her nephew yet she’s not in jail because she’s too fat.  Sorry, but that’s just not a good enough excuse.  The prison should knock out a wall and make a double-wide jail cell if necessary.  If she can’t walk (and she probably can’t), get a crane and a dump truck, and haul her butt to the slammer.  Let her sit there, away from TV and excess food.  For her punishment, they should make her exercise.  If she can’t do much, they could have her roll over, or try to touch her hands together.

They can’t let her make a mockery of the justice system just because she’s fat!  She must go to jail.  What kind of example are they setting?

What is this world coming to?

3 thoughts on “too fat for prison

  1. Not a fat guy, but ate a Holiday Inn Express

    She killed her nephew? I bet she sat on him.
    Either that or he got between her and the gravy, and was instantly devoured.

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