share the snow, please

There is a massive blizzard hitting California right now, with some of the higher elevations getting up to 10 feet of snow.  I’m wondering if 10 feet of snow has fallen in central and southern Arkansas in my whole lifetime…

Those people don’t need 10 feet of snow at once.  Buildings just aren’t designed to handle that, plus it would be extremely difficult to walk in.  (Think about that!)  So they should share.  What I want is just 8 inches of snow at one time here in central Arkansas.  I want to build a giant snow castle — one big enough for people to be inside.  I know, it’s ambitious, but I want to try.  (I have some techniques for making it work, so it might not be as much work as you would think.)

Plus it’s great when it snows here.  Once there’s any accumulation on the ground, businesses and schools start closing.  (Sometimes they close even at the threat of snow accumulation!)  I know, people from the northern half of the U.S. probably think that is crazy, because they get snow all throughout the winter.  But it’s a rare thing here in Arkansas.  There are some years where we never see any accumulation, or maybe an inch or two.  So it’s a big event when it snows here.  You get to stay home from work, play in the snow, cook deer chili (or using other meat), and just have a mini vacation from everything.  Plus the snow is so special because it rarely happens.  And so many people panic like we’ll be trapped for days — it is guaranteed that the grocery stores will be out of bread and milk before the ground is covered.

It’s just a great time when it snows here.  Now it just needs to happen…

4 thoughts on “share the snow, please

  1. Mr. Destructo

    When I finish my weather-controlling doomsday device* I’ll give you some snow.

    * This is not part of my plan for world domination — it is only a side-project that will be used to generate revenue for my master plan.

  2. Beppo

    Mother Nature is confused or somethin’. Because it’s January 7, and I was just outside at midnight, when it should be cold, and it was 65 degrees. That’s not normal. Is it because I asked for snow? I don’t think I was being unreasonable with my request for 8 inches at once. Is that too much? Are we being punished? (I don’t think so, because it feels really good, like spring.)

    Either way, it should be either snowing or at least close to snowing temperatures, and 65 (at midnight) is not very close at all.

  3. Beppo

    Here’s an important weather update. 🙂 Because of the warm temperatures and high humidity, a cold front just created a bunch of strong thunderstorms. One of them that passed near me was over 32,000 feet tall and the whole storm was rotating. It had strong winds and large hail, and there were reports of funnel clouds and possible tornadoes with it and other storms. This is not the kind of weather we should be getting in January! Where is the snow???

  4. Thomas Wayne

    The strange weather continues… China recently got tons of snow, more than they could handle even after several days. And get this — the Middle East just had a blizzard. They got more snow than they’d seen in 10 years. Yet here in Arkansas it doesn’t snow…

    The pattern remains the same — it’ll get warm, spring-like even, then rain and storm, then it’ll be cold enough for snow but dry. Something is wrong with our weather pattern. If someone could fix it and get us some snow here, we’ll take up a collection. I can’t contribute much money, but I’ll grill some burgers or somethin’…

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