don’t forget Valentine’s Day if you have a woman

I got an e-mail from Thomas Wayne this morning, who apparently didn’t make it to the blog yesterday, because he forgot something important.  Check it out :

Man, there was all kinds of traffic yesterday, and it seemed like everybody had flowers and balloons in they car… was there some holiday?  Me and my woman stayed home last night and ate leftovers, and she seemed mad all day, but I don’t know why.  She didn’t want to talk at all…  What was going on?  Did you notice any strange stuff yesterday?

What can he do now?

One thought on “don’t forget Valentine’s Day if you have a woman

  1. Dyslexic boB

    there is nothing he can do now except to ride out the storm. You may be able to avert some of the consequences by buying her lots of stuff while you continually grovel for forgiveness alternately you may want to just give her your checkbook so she can buy what ‘she’ wants.

    If you are not married, you may find life more bearable (and simpler) by just finding a new woman and learning from the error of your ways.

    “They say that when a man holds a woman’s hand before marriage, it is
    love………after marriage it is self-defense.”

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