a letter from the editor

General greetings and such.

It is our mission here at Buffet o’ Blog to provide you with fresh, original randomness on a regular basis, free of charge.  It is our good pleasure to do so.  However, some of our regular readers might’ve noticed we recently had a couple of weekdays without posts, which is not normal.  There is a good explanation for this, though.  My work has become really busy, due to numerous crazy-long meetings.  It started Monday with a meeting from 12:30-4:30 (and I took only 10 minutes for lunch, let it be noted).  Tuesday we met in Little Rock (30+ minutes away) from 10:00-4:00, eating lunch during the meeting.  Then Wednesday we met from 9:00-4:30.  So besides sitting through all these meetings, I had some of my other work to take care of, which resulted in overtime.

Some of you may know that there are three writers here on staff, so why didn’t any of them fill in the gap?  Well, to put it succinctly, they’re slackers.  🙂  There is no other explanation available for them.  They both have lots of random ideas, which is why they were chosen to participate in this blog, but it turns out they’re slackers when it comes to preparing posts and sharing their randomness with the world.  That’s okay, though, because it’s their choice.

In the upcoming weeks, it has already been projected that I will have to attend more long meetings and work some overtime, and it is also projected that my sidekicks will continue to be slothful, but don’t worry — I will make the sacrifices necessary to keep providing you, the reader, with premium, original content.

If there are days where there isn’t a new post, feel free to browse the archives.  The old posts are still fresh, because they were created with lots of preservatives and stuff.  You can also participate in the latest free-for-all story.  The more who get involved, the more fun it’ll be.

In closing, that’s all.

Thank you, drive thru…

One thought on “a letter from the editor

  1. One-of-the-other-writers

    If I weren’t so lazy I’d come up with a good response… then again… I think i’ll REALLY get ya by just not writing anything at all in this comment… so here goes… ” ” & you can quote me on that.

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