Mythbusters Challenge

I was watching myth busters last night, and they are working on a series of episodes designed entirely by the viewers and they set forth a challenge…  here it is… 

Do you have what it takes to bust a myth? We’re looking for viewers to participate in an upcoming special episode of Myth Busters. All you need to do is construct and test an experiment you’ve designed and send it to us on videotape. 

We will judge the top entries in the two categories listed below.  If selected to participate, you’ll be off to the Myth Busters’ headquarters in San Francisco to meet Adam, Jamie and the team and show us in person — and on camera — how your experiment works.  Think you can handle it?

So… CAN YOU HANDLE IT???   Sounds simple enough right?  Just ‘design an experiment’ and the best part? You could be on the show!!!  This challenge should not go unheeded!!!   So I hereby open this up to all our valued readers to contribute… The first challenge they are working on to start the ‘viewer series’ is to: 

…build your own solar death ray capable of setting the timbers of a replica Roman trireme (an ancient ship or section of ship) alight and to film all steps.

The target trireme, which will be used to test the successful challenger’s experiments, will be constructed by the Myth Builders from authentic materials including fir timber, wax, oakum and pine pitch, and iron nails.

You are invited to participate in the challenge in either of the following two categories:

Category 1: To build any device capable of igniting the target at a distance of 5 feet.

Category 2: To build a full-scale replica of Archimedes’ mirror capable of igniting the target at a minimum distance of 100 feet 

If this sounds like fun click (here) to access the application form.  (note: you must meet certain eligibility requirements) 

Maybe we should also challenge our R&D department as well?   

What are some inventions/experiments YOU would like to see developed or attempted by our infamous R&D department?

2 thoughts on “Mythbusters Challenge

  1. Mango-Man

    I’d like for the R&D department to come up with a device that systematically drains the power from Energizer batteries… that way they (Energizer) will have to come up with a different marketing strategy/jingle for their commercials… I’m sick of that blasted bunny! I have nightmares of that furry rodent… whats worse… they keep going… & going… & going…

  2. Thomas Wayne

    I’d like for the Buffet o’ Blog Research & Development (R&D) department to create a portable snow-maker. Because where I live, it doesn’t snow enough. Some years we get no snow. Lately it’s been cold enough, and it’s fully overcast, but there’s no precipitation. It would be so much fun to let it run overnight and then be “snowed in” in the morning. All the neighbors would be jealous. And if this snow machine was portable, you could do some great practical jokes…

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