an unknown animal

In Johnson County in Arkansas, residents have spotted an unknown animal.  Some say it’s a cross between a wild dog and a coyote, while some suspect it’s a Chupacabra, from a Hispanic urban legend.  No one knows.  The weird part is that they’ve shot one, so they have it in custody, and the Game and Fish Commission say it’s a dog with a severe case of mange.  But it doesn’t look like a dog.  What do you think?  (There’s a picture at the link.)

If it’s an alien, I’m not scared…

One thought on “an unknown animal

  1. D-Prime

    It has become clear to me that this creature is dead. At least, that is my hypothesis. Which brings me to the subject of shooting stuff to see what it is. Heck, I support this mode of scientific discovery because it’s a lot easier to inspect dead stuff. If you see something far off, or in the bushes, and you’re curious to see what it is, just shoot the thing! Then all you gotta do is ride a 4-wheeler or something over to it and look at it (once it gets done kickin’ around and stuff). Sometimes, you see something and you know what it is, but you want it to sit tstill so you can check it out further – that would be a good time to shoot it.

    As support to my argument, I’d like to share a good example with you. A couple weeks ago, the neighbors went to Florida and their little dog barked all night long. I wanted to see what was wrong with the little guy, but he would not come over to the fence. So I just shot him. After that, he held perfectly still and I was able to see that there wasn’t anything wrong except that he was dead…like the chinchilla dog mentioned in the article. Once you shoot somehting, the mystery is solved.

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