companies go pet-friendly

There's many companies now that let you bring your pets to work.  I like having pets around, but I could see this becoming a problem.  Just imagine your office with cats and dogs roaming around.

More than 400 companies have listed themselves as "dog-friendly".  This Friday is "Take Your Dog to Work Day", and several thousand companies are expected to participate.

How important is this to people?  Check out this survey :

A survey by Simply Hired and Dogster, an online site, found a third of dog-owners would take a 5 percent pay cut to take their pets to work, two-thirds would work longer hours and half would switch jobs.

I wouldn't take a pay cut… if I had a dog he could entertain himself at home… or they could just let me work from home all the time…

What do you think about this idea?

4 thoughts on “companies go pet-friendly

  1. Thomas Wayne

    I’d like to bring a cow to work… but I’d have to train him to not poop anywhere near my cubicle.

    Just picturing a cow pattie in the floor at work is funny… although I suspect the cleaning crew would demand higher pay.

  2. Important Doctor

    I’m really smart… that’s why i’m called ‘important’ doctor… so I ‘could’ impress you with theoretical ramblings, musings, & other hypothetical jargon… however, ‘this time’… i’m gonna just state the obvious… lets imagine you’re employed by a typical midsized business… & assume they employ a paltry 500 associates. Say only 1/5 decide to opt for the ‘take my pet to work’ I can only begin to imagine the # of dog & cat fights that would take place (and that’s saying a LOT.. .I have a vivid imagination) Animals are by nature territorial & if you have 100 dogs, cats, and other vermin that people allow in the house with them (guinea pigs, ferrets, hamster, rats, and the ever popular koala bears come to mind), I can only assume it would be a logistical nightmare. cats leaping from cube-wall to cube wall as a pack of dogs over-zealously chase them. MAYHEM!!! total MAYHEM!!! STOP the insanity… keep your pets at home… on a leash… and like Bob Barker says “have them spayed or neutered…” unless it’s a koala bear… in that case just feed it some eucalyptus leaves and admire how cute & cuddly he is…

  3. Thomas Wayne

    Yeah, the cats and dogs and other “vermin” would probably fight and chase each other around the place. That could be amusing, though. I think companies should try this.

    It would be really awesome to have a hippo at work. That thing they do with their tail would create stories that would forever be told. I think it would be a good time at the workplace… it definitely wouldn’t be boring.

    Granted, it might be difficult to convince your boss that you have a pet hippo, but it is precedented, as explained at the link above.

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