caption contest, crazy man on woodpile

This week’s caption contest is strange and unusual, and it borders on inappropriate.  So if you’re easily offended, you’ve been warned, and you could just skip this one.  Basically, the picture is of an older naked man sitting on a pile of wood.  Well, he has boots on and he’s holding a pan, so you don’t see anything, but still, it’s gross.  There’s a woman in the foreground who looks very agitated, along with a woman in the background who looks like she’s trying to stop something from happening.  Overall, it’s crazy-mad weird.

I’ve been posting these caption contests for a long time now, and I have to tell you, I have absolutely no idea what’s going on in this picture.  So it’s up to you to figure out something funny to explain this photo.  And since the image is quite crazy to start with, your story probably can’t be too crazy for it.  So get creative.

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a urine-controlled game for public restrooms

Sega has developed a urine-controlled game for public restrooms.  It’s called Toirettsu.  The goal is to control the aim and speed of your pee to succeed in mini-games.

That’s thinking outside the box!  I suppose it could make going to the bathroom a little more interesting, but I’m still skeptical.  Plus, there’s the additional cost that would conveniently be passed on to the customer — hopefully not in a charge for using the restroom, but it would probably be recouped in other ways.  I’d rather not pay more for my food or other products for a service I may not even use.

And what’s next — a game based on how much you poop or how much it stinks?  Even if you got the high score, would you want to brag about it?

Gaming is great and it’s good for companies to be creative, but not all ideas are worth pursuing…  And in this case, it would probably be best for the creators to laugh about it, maybe write about it on some obscure blog*, and let that be it…

* That reference is especially for Fab, and no, it does not refer to Buffet o’ Blog.

surprised by a toilet

How many times have you ever been surprised by a toilet?  And of those times, how many were something neat?

Mango-Man told us he saw a once-in-a-lifetime sight recently.  He was driving home for lunch, and a toilet fell out the back of someone’s truck.  Try to picture that!  He said it shattered and went everywhere.  Too bad he didn’t get to capture it on video.  That’s something you don’t see every day…

caption contest, man with pants down in public

New posts were in short supply last week with the extended holiday — there were a lot of Thanksgiving dinners to attend — but now things are back to normal.  So let’s kick this week off with a caption contest, as is our custom.

This week’s photo is quite unusual.  I really have no idea what’s going on here, except that a guy is standing in the middle of the road with his pants down and his shirt off.   There are a lot of other people around, but at a distance.  Since I have no context whatsoever for this picture, we’ll just have to make it up.  That’s where you come in.  Explain what could be going on here, whether realistically or not.  Just make it funny, and keep it clean.

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