LeBron James mashup video

Today on SportsCenter on ESPN was an audio/video mashup about LeBron James and the past year, starting with “The Decision” and going through the finals loss by the Miami Heat.  This is by DJ Steve Porter and is called “The Year of LeBron”.  It takes numerous video clips of LeBron talking about winning multiple championships mixed with him apologizing for not winning.  I like these kinds of remixes / mashups anyway, but because of the context of LeBron, it’s even better.

[Update: link fixed; ESPN link removed because it was changed.]

DJ Steve Porter has an official page on YouTube with other mashups, but for some reason this video isn’t on there yet.

heavy metal Mario Bros

I’ve always enjoyed finding remixes of soundtracks from classic video games.  Just hearing a theme again can bring back great memories.

I came across a “death metal” version of the Super Mario Bros. castle theme from world 8-4 (the last level).  The video features some gameplay, along with some unexpected surprises.  If heavy metal isn’t your thing, give it a try anyway — there’s no screaming in this song.

free remix of MP3 comedy song

One of my friends was playing around with his keyboard and some effects it had, like looping drum beats and having laughter tied to the synth part.  He recorded it and sent it to me, just to show what he had done.  It seemed to be lacking something, so I forwarded it to D.J. Funky Dogg, who added some music effects to it, along with various sound effects and vocal utterances (plus some, uhh, other utterances).   It’s quite funny, if you find flatulence funny.  So I’m providing the download link for those who enjoy such things.  Just so you know, the file is about 1MB and the song is about 1 minute long.

First, a couple of disclaimers:

1) Obviously, if you are offended by the audible passing of gas, you should not download this free MP3.
2) If you are around people who can’t handle “potty humor”, you should listen on headphones.
3) If you are at work in a cubicle farm, go ahead and crank it up on your computer speakers — it’ll make everyone’s day a little more surreal.  🙂  (Though if folks think you’re uncouth, that’s yo’ problem!)
4) If you hurt yourself laughing, you don’t laugh often enough.  Subscribe to this blog and review the archives for help with that.
5) If you laugh at this, you can forward the link to this post to your friends who also appreciate this brand of humor.  That’s all we ask.

Okay, with that out of the way, here’s the link: Test Rekkerd (Stank Drawz Remix).mp3.

This track is released to the public “as is”, with no warranty expressed or implied.  It is also free, and you cannot claim it as your own and try to sell it.  If you do pirate this recording, we WILL find out and we’ll call J.G. Wentworfth to get our money NOW!

If you would like to have D.J. Funky Dogg remix your track, he is available for an exorbitant fee, although sometimes he will do things for us for fun (because we’re so cool and he diggs this blog), so you can send it to us via our contact form and we’ll see what happens.