LeBron James mashup video

Today on SportsCenter on ESPN was an audio/video mashup about LeBron James and the past year, starting with “The Decision” and going through the finals loss by the Miami Heat.  This is by DJ Steve Porter and is called “The Year of LeBron”.  It takes numerous video clips of LeBron talking about winning multiple championships mixed with him apologizing for not winning.  I like these kinds of remixes / mashups anyway, but because of the context of LeBron, it’s even better.

[Update: link fixed; ESPN link removed because it was changed.]

DJ Steve Porter has an official page on YouTube with other mashups, but for some reason this video isn’t on there yet.

3 thoughts on “LeBron James mashup video

  1. Kri'

    That had a nice beat to it! Where can I buy that album? Do they have the remix with TG Woods AKA the clubbed golfer?

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