the Royal Wedding needed more bacon

I’ve tried my best to not hear about the whole Royal Wedding celebrity real-life soap opera.  I really do not care, and I figure many of my regular readers don’t either.  I wasn’t planning to write anything about it, even if it might bring in more traffic.  (I’m not selling-out, if you’re wondering.)  But I did happen across an angle to the story that includes bacon, which does interest my readers.  Curious?  Read on.

Pippa Middleton, sister of Princess Kate Middleton, has created controversy by wanting to change the royal wedding reception traditions.  They normally serve champagne and some dish that I don’t know how to spell, but she wants to have a disco ball and serve bacon sandwiches.  She is a part-time party planner, so she does have some experience.  Plus, how can you go wrong with bacon sandwiches?  (I should’ve had those at my wedding!*)  I don’t know if she was successful on her quest — I’d guess not, since they probably serve only fancy food with foreign names.  I’m sure I could find it online, but again, I don’t care enough to look.  What they ate is their business, though it could’ve been even better with bacon.

* So why did I not have a buffet of bacon at my wedding?  It would’ve been one of the best wedding receptions ever!  (If you’re married you may already know the answer.)  Well, it wasn’t my day, and I didn’t plan that stuff, nor would it have been “appropriate” — there’s something about traditions and what’s normal.  I don’t know about all that stuff… Being the guy, I just put on a tux and showed up.  It is her day, after all.  I have lots of ideas to make a wedding ceremony and reception much more awesome, but they’re not “storybook” type things.  They would be worth writing a story about, perhaps, but they didn’t fit into my wife’s storybook.  I let her have her day.  It’s one of those compromises you make in a relationship.  Since, I’ve hosted numerous “Buffet o’ Bacon” outings, and there are more to come.  (They are all documented on this blog, if you want to search for them.)  My wife had her day, so I’m having mine.  And to be “fair”, I figure I can have a few hundred of my outings before I catch up with the cost of her very special day.  🙂