how to convert your car into a tank

In a previous post I wrote about wanting a tank to drive around town.  Unfortunately, tanks tend to be out of the budget, and I don’t know of a used tanks surplus emporium.   But now that’s okay, because someone has figured out how to convert your car into a tank.  You use the frame and engine of your car as is.  You drive up on the tank tread assembly, remove the tires, make some changes to how it’s all connected, and then your car drives like a tank.   The video below illustrates this.

My Russian translation skills are somewhat lacking, but I’m pretty sure somewhere in the video they said the equivalent of “this is one of the coolest things ever”.

BTW, if you do this, you’re on your own.   That would probably void your warranty.  And I’m pretty sure the highway department would frown upon such use, at least on major roads.  But in the deer woods, this would be great!

NES-themed coffee table

Someone has made a coffee table that looks like an original Nintendo (NES) controller.  And get this, it is fully functional.  The top glass comes off, and you can actually play games with it!  It also opens up for storage inside.

NES controller coffee table

Click here for more images.

I WANT ONE!!!  Although, being married, I doubt this would go with our living room “theme”.  But it would be perfect for a game room or home theater room.

Unfortunately, it’s homemade and not for sale.  Seriously, someone should market these.  This is probably the only time I’d ever get excited about buying a coffee table.